About Us

Total Sense specialise in providing worker safety, fleet tracking and safety, and coverage improvement solutions. Our team have long standing experience in technology and understand the importance of providing the right solution.

Who we are

At Total Sense our team has years of experience in implementing technology solutions to help our customers keep their teams safe and improve communication coverage.

We have experience in providing trusted solutions to some of NZ’s largest companies while also working with small and medium businesses.

At Total Sense we believe that our role is to collaborate with our customers to ensure that the solution we provide is tailored to their needs. 

Core Values

Customer Service & Satisfaction

We are 100% committed to get a result that works well for your exact requirements. We have extensive customer support that is available nationwide.


We go out of our way to keep you informed at every step so you know exactly how we have arrived at your unique product solution. It is a collaborative process.


We are fully aware of what’s available in the market and can help you achieve on the ground strategic goals that helps ensure your business continues to thrive into the future.

Available Nationwide


We are nationwide and can offer extensive customer service & support from anywhere in New Zealand. Simply fill in our contact form by clicking the link below, and one of our team will be in touch. 

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We are nationwide and look forward to providing a tailored solution for you. 

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